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Top anti-aging formula for AGE FREEZE, the excellent anti-oxidant formula accelerates the regeneration of collagen, which helps reduces the lines, makes the skin firm and plump, smooth and delicate, and looks youthful and bright. This product is a multi-functional and multi-performance product that blends a variety of precious ingredients, and has been proven to have a significant effect on the skin. The product can replenish skin moisture, restore elasticity, replenish collagen and prevent collagen loss to keep the skin young. Anti-aging, anti-oxidation, prevent diseases, and maintain a healthy body all in one formula. It is extremely functional.

How To Consume

Cell Boost™ Formula X taste like the mixture of tropical fruits.

There is 3 ways to consume Cell Boost™ Formula X:  

  1. Pour the powder form supplement directly into your mouth under your tongue and let it melt slowly in your mouth. 
  2. Pour the powder form supplement directly into your mouth and swallow it with water. (Recommended)
  3. Mix it with 60 ml of water. 

*Hot water is not advisable.

36 Key Effects

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Vitis Vinifera Stem Cells

Create amazing ability to regenerate, tolerant to strong UV radiation, fights photoaging and protects both the skin and body stem cells. 

Mixed Tocotrienols Tocopherol

Consist Vitamin E complete spectrum, 4 isomers respectively i.e. α, β, γ, δ. Promote effects of antioxidant and protect cells.

Marine Collagen Peptide

Natural extracts from marine organisms from the French Sea, Marine Peptide Collagen has the most complete 18 types of amino acids which help to boost immunity and maintain youthful skin. The low in molecular weight (DA 1000-2000) allows the body to absorb immediately.


Has the most complete 18 types of amino acids which help to boost immunity and maintain youthful skin. The low in molecular weight (DA 1000-2000) allows the body to absorb immediately.


Produce Melanin in the body which results in a natural whitening effect and an excellent fibroblast growth.

Sakura Extract

Repairs the skin’s natural barriers to promote a smooth, supple, brighter skin. It also shrinks pores and balances oil production in the skin cells.

Tremella Fuciformis 

It moisturizes skin, removes spots, and can also provide sufficient nutrients to skin cells, prevent skin aging, preventing acne and eliminating acne marks.

Passiflora Edulis 

Remove free radicals in human body, resist aging, restore cellular respiration and restore damaged tissue cells, 

Ananas Comosus 

Improve local blood circulation, and eliminate inflammation and edema. Also promote to lower blood pressure, dilute blood lipids and prevent fat deposition.

Citrus Sinesis

Increase body immunity, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol. Reduce hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

Mangifera Indica

Prevent cell senescence and improve brain function. Increase the activity of red blood cell catalase and reduce red blood cell hemoglobin.

Citrus Limon

Whitening, detoxification, expectoration, eliminating constipation, delaying aging, improving immunity, preventing cardiovascular diseases, and preventing kidney stones.

Before and After

23 reviews for Formula X

  1. Slyvia

    Taste was so nice! I’m one of their testimonials and I was seriously surprised! The taste was nice and the packaging is super nice!! The total days that I consumed was 21 days… actually on the 21 days I felt upset because I do not notice my skin, hair, nails is getting healthier but when I took the picture and compare it. I was shocked because there is really a serious changing of my skin hair and nails! Thank you Cell Boost~

  2. Lina

    I had done for many brands as their testimonials. But this time I felt more special not only the parcel was handled properly to me but also Cell Boost team do wrap properly for the parcel. Besides that they done a pretty good job on the taste of the product. I have tasted many of health supplements product mostly does not match what a normal people taste but Cell Boost make their product with a flavor of tropical fruits! Which is nice!

  3. Mrs Lim

    I’m very lucky to be picked by Cell Boost as their testimonials. First of all, Cell Boost really do a good job on wrapping their product and parcel was handed well. For trying their Formula X for around 21 days I felt energetic everyday and prettier than yesterday each morning I see myself in the mirror. Will definitely recommend to all my friends, family and all those who see my commends!

  4. Amy

    I have to say the packaging is very nice! I never brought any health supplement along with me to office or even went out for shopping. But I have to say that Cell Boost packaging is very nice which successful convinced me to take along with me till office because it doesn’t designed too girlish style. Not but not least, after I tried Formula X for 21 days I can actually see my skin is more healthier than last time. Well Done Cell Boost Team! Aaron: )

  5. Krishnan

    I have been using Formula X for 21 days and I do notice my skin was fully hydrated! My hair and nails are getting more healthier day by day. Absolutely recommend to anyone who will like to have a better & healthier life!

  6. Aurelia

    Seriously have to thanks Cell Boost for making me feel so special! When I received the product I was shocked because both design of the box and the tube inside are so premium! Other than that the effects that I can see after taking Cell Boost is very fast!

  7. Rebecca

    I’m Serena and I’m proud to say that I’m one of the testimonials of Cell Boost. It is because almost everything including the services is out of the world! When I first received the product I do not know how to consume therefore I asked their customer service and they answered me patiently. After 21 days challenge my skin, hair, nails looks more healthy. Especially that my skin really get hydrated a lot.

  8. Ko Min

    首先,我想说Cell Boost 的盒子也太美了吧!这是我看过最好看的保健品包装了!使用试管装着产品这未必也太奢华了吧!问了问客服后,还知道了Formula X 是由10种大自然元素而组成的还拥有36种好处!让我在21天的服用当中都充满了好奇以及期待!用完21天后我发现我的皮肤真的有变好而且皱纹也少了很多!亲戚朋友都在问我用了什么最后得知还没推出后全部失望了,都说等产品推出市场后一定要第一时间通知他们!

  9. Jess

    I feel lucky to be chosen by Cell Boost as one of their testimonials. I took their Formula X for 21 days and it really works for me. Around 15-16 days I can already notice that my skin is more hydrated, hairs and nails are growing! Highly Recommended.

  10. Ang Yeng Len

    I’m 65 years old this year I was very lucky to heard that I was picked by Cell Boost as their testimonials. Of course before I took Formula X, I do went to get advice from my doctor and what I got from doctors was a Big Yes. Therefore I started to try Formula X for 21 days and the results really shocked me! As a 65 years old lady can feel my skin is actually getting more hydrated. Not just that my hair and nails are really growing! Now I feel like I’m 60 again~ Thanks to Cell Boost Team!

  11. Anna

    I’m Anna from Penang which chosen by Cell Boost as their testimonials. I was having fear to try at first because Cell Boost products can be direct consume which I bet it may taste weird. But it turns out very surprised! The flavor for Formula X is delicious and seriously addicted to it. Besides, I can see my skin is more hydrated or I can say that my skin is really fille with water! For those who are looking for anti aging products I highly recommend you to try out Cell Boost.

  12. Rebrica

    I’m Rebrica from Johor and was chosen by Cell Boost as their testimonials; I found this product is very good after using it for 21days. I felt like I experienced a renovation for my body! Is that amazing if you consume Formula X. I recommend everyone in the Earth should try once at least in their life!

  13. Jenny

    I’m one the testimonials and I found that 21 days challenge for Formula X do works for me on the first few days I didn’t really feel anything but around two weeks I started to notice my skin is healthier, hydrated same to my hair and nails!

  14. Farima

    I’m Farima from Kuala Selangor and was consumed Formula X for 21 days. In my experience that Cell Boost Formula X is very effective I can barely see my result when I only consumed it for 18 days. Super recommend!

  15. Pui Jie

    I’m one of their testimonials! This is the first time that I got picked to get a free products! Thanks to Cell Boost! Okay, I agree I was scared for the first few days… but after some time I found Formula X is really good product to have it! It is because I started to found out that Formula X is made from 12 Premium ingredients and one of the ingredients is called stem cells and is known as one of the rare & expensive ingredients. After 21 days I feel my skin is more hydrated, hair & nails was growing rapidly!

  16. Rosalina

    David here who had tried many different health supplement products. I was surprised that the taste was this good! Cell Boost Really did a great job on making the flavor this nice! Some health supplement might be work but the taste was really a nightmare! I’m one of their participate of their 21 day challenge. This challenge is really a good concept ideas! However this product really works for me! My skin was dry and now is more hydrated! Hair & nails is growing rapidly!

  17. CT

    Thank you Cell Boost for everything! The first bite I took of Formula X I already addicted to it! The packaging is nice and parcel was well handed! I took it for 21 days and the effects can be seen very quickly!

  18. Ana

    Cell Boost WELL DONE! This is the first time I got chosen as a testimonial and the first time I consume health supplements product. It really work for me by the way when I just consume it after 15 days I can’t see the difference but my family & friends do notice my skin is getting healthier. On the 21 days I took a picture and compare it on that time I believe on that changes! Tahnk you Cell Boost for making me look younger at same time I become younger!

  19. Xue Er

    I’m one of the testimonials of Cell Boost; I can say that Cell Boost save my life! Before taking Cell Boost I was taking others brand of anti aging products but what I took aren’t taste good and the effect happened very slow! However, after I started to taking Cell Boost and get addicted to it. Besides, the effects which is promised was react fast!

  20. Karen Lee

    Never expected this product much at first but go through this 21 days challenge it really changed me! My hardly see wrinkles on my face is disappear! Which make me looks more younger than 10 years ago! 😛

  21. Rita

    I was actually afraid to have health supplements since last time when I first bought one of the others brand the taste for the product is a word yewwwwwwwwwww. But I still give Cell Boost a try at the end~ and It turns out very nice! I had finished 21 days challenge with 42 tubes; 2 tubes a day! Never stop Cell Boost!

  22. Wei Zi

    我是蔚岐来自雪兰莪的一个小岛,很荣幸的可以成为Cell Boost Formula X的见证人之一!通过21天试用挑战我感觉良好。并且我在使用Formula X的第18天可以感觉到我的皮肤越来越水嫩,并且脸上的皱纹也慢慢的变得不在明显!这让我感到非常高兴!非常推荐给想要变漂亮或拥有更好皮肤的朋友们购买!

  23. Mrs Ang

    今年60岁了,问了我的家庭医生后才接受了21 天挑战。刚开始服用并没有觉得有什么差别,但在短短的15天内我发现脸上的皱纹少了许多而且老人斑也开始在淡化。 皮肤也变得弹弹的,看起来非常健康还感觉自己年轻了许多! 感谢Cell Boost 带给我的欢乐!非常推荐给想要 “再活“ 一次的老伙伴们!

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