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Covid-19 Pandemic has drawn people’s attention to the importance of body immunity. Human health is closely related to immunity, which the body’s ability to resist diseases and maintain the body’s physiological balance based on immune organs and immunoglobulins. This product will help you in immune system boosting, enhance immune defense function, immune stabilization function, immune surveillance function, improve the performance of immune disorders, enhance physical fitness, and enhance all aspects of body functions. This product is specially developed for RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and LUNG. The purpose is to help everyone improve immune system to pass through the Pandemic!

How To Consume

Cell Boost™ ImmumeMax taste like yogurt.

There is 3 ways to consume Cell Boost™ ImmuneMax:  

  1. Pour the powder form supplement directly into your mouth under your tongue and let it melt slowly in your mouth. 
  2. Pour the powder form supplement directly into your mouth and swallow it with water. (Recommended)
  3. Mix it with 60 ml of water. 

*Hot water is not advisable.

36 Key Effects

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Vitis Vinifera Stem Cells

Create amazing ability to regenerate, tolerant to strong UV radiation, fights photoaging and protects both the skin and body stem cells. 

Tiger Milk Mushroom

Effectively enhance lung health, improve human immunity, help improve asthma, cough, resolve phlegm, protect liver and lungs, and relieve nasal sensitivity.

Yeast Beta Glucan

Able to bind to specific receptors on immune cells, modulates the immune cell leading to enhanced immune responses upon infection.


Improving hyperlipidemia, improving constipation, helping weight loss and promoting the absorption of trace elements. Lower (LDL) levels and increase (HDL) levels.

Mixed Tocotrienol Tocopherol

Consist Vitamin E complete spectrum, 4 isomers respectively i.e. α, β, γ, δ. Promote effects of antioxidant and protect cells.

Sea Buckthorn

Rich in Vitamin C, Omega 3, 6 and 9, and has the strongest antioxidant capacity. Helps to treat coughs, digestive problems, skin problems, wounds and burns.

Camu Camu

Rich in vitamin C, many polyphenols and a variety of minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and copper. It also contains a variety of amino acids, organic acids and fatty acids.


High in phytonutrients such as e phenolics, flavonoids, anthocyanins and carotenoids, thus it is considered as a “super fruit”.


Probiotics can protect the intestines, help lose weight, enhance resistance, supply protein and nutrients. It can also lower blood cholesterol, improve immune function, and beautify skin.


The most important local plants used against the pandemic of Spanish flu of 1918–1919, as the berries were considered as antiseptic for the mouth and throat.

Citrus Limon

Whitening, detoxification, expectoration, eliminating constipation, delaying aging, improving immunity, preventing cardiovascular diseases, and preventing kidney stones.

Citrus Sinesis

Increase body immunity, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol. Reduce hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

22 reviews for ImmumeMax

  1. Ms Lee

    很荣幸的被Cell Boost 抽选为Immume Max 的见证人!也非常荣幸的可以在这里分享我对Immume Max 的看法。通过21天服用Immume Max 真的让我对Cell Boost 大开眼界!在我服用Immume Max 的第18 天我发现我的某些过敏以及轻微气喘都渐渐的在改善!这个效果真的让我跌破眼镜!非常推荐给所有在犹豫的人!买回去肯定不让你后悔!!

  2. Roland

    I’m Roland from Sabah are one of the testimonials from Cell Boost. I really wanted to share my experience by the way. For those who do not know me, I actually eat a lot! By taking Cell Boost Immume Max it really improve my immune system and control my diabetes by controlling my eating habit. I bet there is something from Immume Max can control me from feeling hungry lol

  3. Chrissy

    How’s everyone today Marine here to write another review for all who in need! I was invited by Cell Boost to try out their Immume Max for 21 days challenge. From only the concept of it is already a thing for me to get excited! Besides, when I first got my Immume Max I got shocked because the packaging was brilliant! And the container that hold Immume Max is out of the world! Let get back and say about what the product brought. I just found out that Cell Boost Immume Max have 36 effects!! However I found some is very effective for me like I have mild asthma problem and it really got very annoyed for me have been solved during this 21 days challenge! I will say I will definitely recommended to my family and friends.

  4. Anonymous

    Great product and highly effective.

  5. Rui Min

    Immume Max 真的太好了!当收到Immume Max 的时候我刚好在咳嗽,问了医生能不能吃后就开始服用Immume Max了。后来当我服用Immume Max后的第7天我的咳嗽就好了!没想到这效力那么快,要是平时我都需要花至少2-3个星期才会好。 服用完21天后我整个人感觉精神很多了!而且·也感觉比以前还要健康!

  6. Mei Qi

    Thank you Cell boost for giving me an opportunity to try out Immume Max, It is good to know that Cell Boost Immume Max will helped to boost our immune system. With my 21 days experience that taking Immume Max is very good! Due to that I felt sick very easily therefore I can said that Immume Max do save me from wating my time for see doctor almost every weeks!

  7. Raymond

    I am one of the testimonials from Cell Boost I experienced 21 days of Immume Max which is very new for me! I never know there is product which can boost our immune system. During this 21 days I actually putting Immume Max into my schedules and also my habits
    Perfect health supplements product! Thank You Cell Boost team! I am testimonials from Cell Boost and I wanted to share my experience with Immume Max in 21 days challenge! The yogurt flavor really made me fall in love with it! Beside the flavor, Immume Max do make me feel energetic after I consume it for days. But after 21 days the feeling is much more stronger!

  8. Austin

    I am one of the testimonials from Cell Boost I experienced 21 days of Immume Max which is very new for me! I never know there is product which can boost our immune system. During this 21 days I actually putting Immume Max into my schedules and also my habits

  9. Joan Lee

    Immume Max 真的太好了!完完全全守住了我的健康!很荣幸的被邀请成为 Immume Max 的见证人。通过这21一天的服用Immume Max 的总结是我发自内心的喜欢Immume Max 的味道!除了味道Immume Max 也带给了很多很好的效果比如增强免疫力,治疗及预防肺部疾病。我个人觉得Immume Max真的能提高我们的免疫系统因为在这段期间我真的没有生病。要是平时我没两个礼拜至少会生病一次。

  10. Elaine

    Hi everyone, I’m one of the testimonials from Cell Boost. I’m here to share my experience during this 21 days. Let start from the beginning; I went to see doctor before taking Cell Boost and the doctor said me that I have heart blood pressure starting to block which make me down. But after having Immume Max for 21 days I feel more healthier and went back to the doctor. And the doctor said that the blockage is disappear! And started to asked me what do I did. Therefore, I strongly recommended Cell Boost for those who have the same problem I had!!!!!! Good Luck!

  11. Shirley

    I need to thanks Cell Boost that saving my life from picking me as their testimonial. I am a premature baby when I was born. Therefore, I felt to sick very easily since I was small. But thanks to cell boost during this 21 days I never went to doctors even once. Normally I will at least felt to sick 2-3 times a months!

  12. Sheldon

    I’m glad to know that I have chance to try out Immume Max from Cell Boost in this special time with the corona… I got sponsored by Cell Boost of trying out their Immume System and I find out that Immume Max do boost and make our immune system and after the 21 days I do feel more healthier. Please recommended to friends!

  13. Farah

    I have curve joint pain problem for around 6 months. Then my friends asked whether I wanted to be Cell Boost testimonials and I accept it. Therefore, I’m here to share my experience and I hope my comment here can help more people! I take Immume Max for 21 days my curve joint pain has reduced and sometimes I can’t even feel the pain. Besides, I bet if I take for another 21 days the pain can be disappear by then!

  14. Jasmine

    I’m one of the testimonials. My name is Jasmine from Kuala Lumpur. I was having Immume Max for 21 days; I must say that I am proud to have Immume Max for 21days because I escaped from heavy sick happened in our family. On that time I have a big project have to be done… Thanks Cell Boost for sending Immume Max for me! Will definitely recommended a lot of friends as well!

  15. Eunice

    During this 21 days challenge of taking Immume Max there is nothing special thing happen to me but there is do one weird things which happen to me which is my eyesight actually is improved. And after that I went to see their benefits of having Immume Max I found the reason. Having Immume Max can helps to improve eyes & vision. Highly Recommended for those who are looking for living healthy!

  16. Fariz

    Works for me! Thank you Cell Boost for letting me try the product and become one of the testimonial! After having Immume Max really works for me because normally I will be sick if there is anyone fall to sick in the class but this time almost half of the college get sicked but I survived with it lol

  17. Xing Yue

    我是来自彭亨的鑫悦。非常荣幸能成为Immume Max 的见证者,在这里我想向各位分享我这21天的经历! 一开始我收到盒子就被深深吸引住了,盒子会不会有点太豪华了,反正不管怎样我很喜欢!除了包装很好看它的效果也是很好!当我用了Immume Max 21天后,我感觉我更健康了所以想要拥有健康的生活Immume Max 真的是你的首选!

  18. Kathris

    Kathris here! I was one of the testimonials from Cell Boost. I felt so happy and excited when I get to know that I will be one of the testimonials! I have Immume Max for 21 days and each morning I felt that I was lucky because everytime I saw the packaging and what hold the Immume Max makes my day! It is because they just look too premium for me lol. By the way by taking Immume Max for 21 days I can say that I’m more healthy and lucky! Last but not least I do feel my eye side is getting better after having Immume Max!

  19. Grace

    I will definitely recommend for who will like to have a healthier life or a better quality life to buy Immume Max from Cell Boost! It is because e after I use Immume Max for 21 days and during the challenge I can feel I’m more healthy and because of the premium packaging it make me feel special! Difinetely recommend!

  20. Theressa

    I have a problem on digestive, but during the 21 days challenge for taking Immume Max I do not have these problem and in contrast that my digestive system turns out working very smoothly! Which really do a favors for me!

  21. Lilian

    I was having mild asthma but after I took Immume Max for 21 days my asthma has gone! I wish after I share this there is more people like me can be cure!!! Thank you so much Cell Boost! I will definitely be yours regular customers & recommend to more people who have the problem as me!

  22. Mei Hui

    Is a pleasure to be a testimonial from Cell Boost! After I received I actually thoughted for 1 seconds that I have received the wrong parcel… It is because the packaging was so nice! Even now I had finished it I still Keeping the box because the box of it and the container that holds Immume Max is a brilliant idea! I have used is for 22 days because I have skipped 1 day due to I’m busy but the effects is still turns out very nice! Which I will definitely share with my family, friends or even neighbor around me!

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